Art classes for toddlers, preschoolers, lower elementary, upper elementary,
pre-teens and teens. Students have fun while learning, as well as work towards a true understanding of how to transfer what we see in the world around us into pictures and objects we make. While doing that, students are also building up their portfolio with artwork in a variety of media, and developing verbally and socially. Students can also take advantage of open studio hours.

The classes are led by Jenya Frid, an artist with a background in professional illustration, printmaking, and an MA in Art History. Jenya has also worked as a teaching artist in multiple venues, including teaching currently at the Staten Island Museum. The curriculum, developed through many years of work, is a unique blend of teaching both technique and self-expression.

I believe in providing young students with all the knowledge they need to express their own ideas. Every year my students bring me joy and satisfaction as they grow and their skills develop. I also treasure the development of community as students work alongside one another and get to meet peers with similar interests and talents.

In addition, I offer classes based on Canvas and Crayon curriculum at Click on my profile to see more.

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